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Avid gamers are very much concerned with various aspect of gaming- resolution, game speed, lags, compatibility, synchronization while playing online etc. With gaming industry revenue in billions of dollars, the gaming companies are in a race to launch new games as well as the sequel to the popular version in various genres. Choosing from so many options available to play can be difficult for gamers. The more difficult options will be to choose the platform to play on- PC or console. Everyone has their own choice to make between the two. If you are thinking to buy a gaming PC or console, then you need to consider 3 main things. This includes-

1. Budget

For console gaming, you will have to spend money on buying the console, extra controllers, games and online multiplayer passes.

For PC gaming, there is a wide variety of options to buy if you want to customize your computer.

With a wide range of possibilities, it is not easy to say which is more cost-efficient.

2. Technical skills

The need for technical skills is required more for PC games rather than consoles. A console can be modified by adding new hardware. Gamers can install the sequel or update the games as well.

PC games need a minimum level of technical configuration to play on the computer. To play the game with high resolution and no lags, you might need a high configuration PC. Gamers can add required hardware components, to enhance the gaming experience.

3. Upgrades

For consoles, new hardware can be added with a requirement of minimal technical skills. For PC games, upgrades could be very extensive. Each hardware component needs to be upgraded with other cosmetic features.

Benefits of console gaming-
  • Simple, easy to use and less expensive

Consoles are easy to set up and maintain due to which many gamers prefer them. It can be used immediately after removing the system from the box. A gamer does not need to spend time on setting or require technical skills.

Today, a new type of consoles can be used for streaming movies, TV shows and music.

1. No need to upgrade hardware

Gamers can play games with obsolete hardware components. Manufacturers build the requirements for the system. New consoles are released considering the improvements in technology. To upgrade, console gamers will have wait for the latest system release.

2. Wireless controllers

Console games come with wireless control that allows you to be more active while playing. Many games involve physical activity and skills.

Benefits of PC gaming-

1. Customize PC hardware

Gaming with PC gives an opportunity of customizing your computer for games. Gamers can maintain high-end computer where it allows you to run new games at highest possible settings. Many gamers invest in 3 components-

–  Graphics card or graphics processing unit

–  Memory (RAM)

–  Hard drive or solid-state drive

2. Better visuals

PC gaming provides the possible highest resolution to gamers. Whether the system is with in-built graphics or graphics processing unit or graphics card, the visuals will be of the highest quality.

3. Control as you play

PC gaming gives the benefit to gamers of choosing from a wide variety of controllers. PC gamers can use gaming mice that are accurate and gives unrivaled control while playing.

No matter what you choose, both have its pros and cons and quite popular among the gaming community.

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